A Good Place to Live!

Silver World Newspaper column - Life From My View - September 2020

The best feeling in the world, a celebration of being alive, that’s today! As I write there’s an autumn nip in the air and despite the crazy weather that delayed the aspen trees changing colors, there’s overwhelming evidence that Mother Nature is giving us glorious color. This is my favorite season!

Postcard mountain views, with an endearing historic downtown area, Lake City, Colorado is a shining star to all initially.  Out of a diverse assortment of people who try to make this mountain village their home, only a fraction happily stay. For some boredom sets in, for others it’s the realization of needing to make a living somewhere else.

By a certain age, we are all expected to take care of ourselves. However, perhaps uniquely, there is short-term help available in our mountain village when something out of the ordinary occurs for locals. Contacting any of our pastors to talk about the need can lead to help.

Nothing worthwhile is easy.  It is not convenient or inexpensive or easy to live here and yet even my hardest days are better for living right here and I am grateful.

I walk a lot. I live inside of nature. Repeatedly we are told that walking is the best exercise. Walking can help us maintain a healthy weight, a healthy heart, healthy bones, balance and coordination and much more. Just as important a role in our health, is nature. Nothing about nature is lazy; it’s inspiring! Time in the mountains helps provide a significant connection to our lives that others reach out for by vacationing here. Being in nature can reduce stress and not only make you feel better emotionally, but can contribute to reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and much more. Living in the mountains provides instant healthy access to walking in nature.

Both after our surprising mid June snow and our very early September snow I thought I must have magic or grace in the garden because while the plants looked frozen, after the sun warmed us, they were all fine! I love when we have these little uplifting mountain miracles in nature!

Studies conclude that after meeting our basic needs and some nonessential desires; making more money does not make people happier. There are reasons to work other than money. Since cheaper, easier, more convenient places to live and work abound, those of us who live and work here know that feeling more than most; especially the many of us who also volunteer for committees and boards. I don’t believe it’s possible to call Lake City home and stay disconnected from the community. Our village and mountains intertwine in creating Lake City, Colorado.

One of the countless groups of people, who care deeply for our community, is the search committee for our new doctor. This exceptionally hard-working team of very busy people met repeatedly, working diligently, to make the wisest choice possible. Lake City attracts some of the best and the brightest, and this search committee was fortunate to have the struggle to choose between two outstanding candidates.

While Dr. Bill Gattis lives in Gunnison, he is familiar with our community. Years ago he worked with our clinic so our medical center could stay open during the transition through Dr. Carr. Our senior PA has worked with Dr. Gattis, being his supervising / collaborating physician. Our former nurse practitioner, Sherry Huisman, also lived in Gunnison and I have been told that the drive from Gunnison to Lake City was not an issue.

Contented people are flexible. Folks who happily make Lake City their home are adaptable. It is easy to find those much needed quiet, alone spots yet walking through town, running errands, saying hello – it’s like the movie; It’s a Wonderful Life—because it is!

I had a micro mini vacation with a girlfriend the other afternoon. We had a picnic up in the mountains enjoying the colorful aspen, a doe with her fawn and a large herd of sheep. It was so much fun to get away for a bit. Living here can allow for easy access to an afternoon escape in deeper nature. 

I disappoint our border collie by telling her there can’t be a walk this evening because the bear could very well be making his rounds. Living here has its frustrations, to put it mildly. Wherever we live, whatever time of life, there are pleasures and problems.  

In some ways of course this town is like any other place with people who think the rules don’t apply to them and they make life unnecessarily more difficult for everyone.  However, in other ways Lake City, Colorado is a most uniquely beautiful place, filled with some of the most kind and caring folks. It’s a good place to live. Healthy living and simple pleasures abound.

There’s grace in the garden.


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