Dr. Bruce Uchida

       Lake City’s current dentist, Dr. Bruce Uchida, earned his DDS from the University of Colorado in 1980 and was in private practice in Lakewood, CO for 34 years. He first retired from full-time practice in 2014.  He and his wife Gloria have had a home in Lake City since 2003. When neighbor Nancy Zeller found out that Dr. Uchida retired, she contacted Erin Cavit. Erin was then the president of the medical board, and the Medical Center was looking for a dentist. Doctor Uchida says that being Lake City’s dentist has been most satisfying, and that he’s grateful for the people and the experience.


 Dr. Uchida did not grow up wanting to be a dentist. He doesn’t think a lot of people do.  He says dentistry is not a glamorous profession, no TV dramas about dentists; unlike physicians, firemen, police, and lawyers. His parents pushed him at an early age to stay in school, go as far as he could with his education.

 Bruce’s grandparents emigrated from Japan in the early 1900s and settled in the Seattle Washington region.  Uchida’s grandparents and parents were victims of World War II when the Japanese Americans were victims of one of the most atrocious violations of American civil rights in the 20th century.  They were interred in concentration camps. His folks met in the isolated camp.  Ironically enough, his dad then got drafted. They moved in Denver after the war.  At the time the governor of Colorado, Ralf Carr, encouraged the Japanese Americans to come to Colorado. It cost Carr his political career; though many Japanese Americans are grateful to him for that encouragement.  

 A self taught professional mechanic, Dr. Uchida’s father owned a Texaco gas station and auto repair shop in Denver. Starting at age 8, Bruce worked in the family gas station pumping gas and washing windows. By the age 14, he was doing auto repair work; everything from brake jobs to engine overhauls.  It was understood it that if Bruce wasn’t in school, he’d be down at the shop working. He was compensated by having his education paid for, if he quit school, he would be cut off financially. Dr. Uchida still enjoys working on cars. In fact, when asked what his plans are for his permanent retirement, Bruce puts more time to tinker on cars near the top of his list. Other endeavors include being able to take the time to enjoy Utah and the desert. Doc Bruce finds the vast emptiness of the desert an interesting contrast to Lake City. Additional hikes with new puppy Toshi and more time for winter snowboarding are also enjoyable recreational pursuits.

 Dr.  Bruce Uchida is leaving dentistry forever at the end of November. We wish him well and are blessed to have known him.


 Our new dentist, Dr. Brett Bergseid, will begin his Lake City tenure after the New Year;  more on Dr. Bergseid later.

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